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"We Design and Create our own Thermoform Molds"

Thermoplastic Excellence Since 1967

Faro Industries, Inc has been satisfying the thermo-formed plastic packaging and component needs of manufacturers - both in the Rochester, NY region and worldwide - for almost fifty years. Their good reputation is your best guarantee of quality execution, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery of your plastic parts or packages.  Take advantage of Faro's custom design experience early in your project's prototype stages.  You'll soon see why they should also be your choice for production runs of any size for all your thermoforming needs.

faro industries
faro industries

Leaders in 3D Modeling Technology

Faro Industries is proud to be a leader in FDM - "Fused Deposition Modeling".  FDM is an exciting new technology that turns CAD drawings into a finished product in a single step!  Be sure to find out what FDM can do for your prototype or production needs!    (learn more)

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